Danger Zone

To suggest a motorcycle is more potentially dangerous than it is nonharmful is no surprise. Motorcycles have and continue to take the lives of riders all over the world. In mechanical terms, they are beautifully designed technology that allows a rider to reach high speed in such a condensed form, but in terms of human experience, they can be machines of death and calamity for all who are involved. According to statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, “motorcyclist deaths occurred 27 times more frequently than fatalities in other vehicles” according to crash data from 2014. This is simply too much. Proper safety precautions in designing of a motorcycle, adequate protective gear, and innovative safety designs for major roadways should be implemented in the motorcycle industry with additional legislation.

Across the nation, motorcyclists can be injured and possibly hurt others in the process. The machines themselves invite the possibility of danger at frigid high-speed moments as the rider becomes filled with adrenaline they lose focus on the conditions of the road or the pressures of drivers outside their moto-bubble. The NHTSA also included that the number of motorcyclists killed in 2014 was 4,586. Lucky to escape that number was Douglas Marshall, a 44-year-old driver of a motorcycle who escaped an accident with a presumably drunk driver in Delaware County. Mr. Marshall experienced substantial injuries and was taken to a hospital via Helicopter. He is a lucky survivor of an accident scenario that claims life all over the world every day. Reporting by WISH TV, a local news outlet, discovered that the driver of the SUV that caused Marshall and his motorcycle to skid across the road and injure his left leg was, in fact, drunk when he pulled out of a gas station directly in front of the motorcycle’s path. Additionally, this drunk driver originally fled the scene, abandoning Douglas Marshall in his injured state. In this event, it is expected that Marshall followed up with a personal injury suit.

It is clear that motorcycles leave any rider open to the possibility for injury, yet instances like Mr. Marshall’s serve as a reminder for the necessity of clear, safe practices for vehicle owners regardless if they have two wheels or four. The roads can be a safe means of traveling to our destination, but only if we educate every driver in every vehicle.

To summarize, the motorcycle, a modern innovation that provides personal mobility in the ever growing network of roads through cities of grandeur and countrysides of dead lands alike, this vehicle remains as an invitation for danger. The sporty market of motorcycle manufacturers seems to favor speed and look, over safety and functionality. This must be addressed so that these vehicles can continue to exist in a future world. The car has undergone numerous safety revisions and inspections. The motorcycle, with its extremely high rate of accidents, can be redesigned into something that continues to offer the high-speed thrills of its original concept, but with the safety features of vehicular innovation.

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