5 steps after an accident

I recently got into an accident, or I should say, someone recently got me into an accident, which has left me in a potential situation where I might need a lawyer. It’s all gotten very ugly, and I’ll spare you the details, but I wanted to take this opportunity to share some things I’ve learned through this whole process so that everyone else has a little less stress if this happens to them.

So, the main thing I want to point out is that there are steps you should follow if you get in an accident that isn’t our fault so that you are protected from having to pay all those huge bills.

You can read a little more about it at this lawyer’s website, but to give you a basic rundown, here are the five steps you should take after the accident happens.

  1. Gather all the info you can

The more information you have about what happened, the better. Get license plate numbers, get insurance numbers, get license numbers, get names. Check the time. See if there are any witnesses, get their names and numbers. Find out if there are traffic cameras around. Find out if any other cameras picked anything up. You can’t have too much information. The more you have, the more protected you’ll be.

  1. Take every possible picture

Get pictures of your car and the other car (or cars) involved in the accident. Get pictures from as many angles as you can and try to make them as clear as possible. Just like the info, you cannot have too many photos. Take 500 photos if you can. Not only do you want to show all the damage, but you also want to give experts the chance to prove you weren’t at fault.

  1. Do not accept blame, and definitely don’t say you do

No matter who is asking, if you’re at the accident site, don’t say it’s your fault. Don’t say it was both people’s fault. Don’t say you did anything wrong. All of that can later be used against you if someone has a mind to do it. Maintain that you did everything correctly and the other person is at fault.

  1. File a police report

It’s possible the other person involved will suggest you don’t call the police. Police can take time to show up, and it makes everything feel more scary and official. The other person may just offer to cut you a check and let you both move on. Resist this offer. If you leave the accident site without filing a police report, you may forfeit any chance to do more if you later find out there are more serious issues not at first clear.

  1. Go to the hospital

You may feel mostly fine after an accident, but don’t take that chance. Get yourself checked out. You may not even realize the extent of your injuries, and again, if you don’t do it quickly, you may not be able to receive compensation for any issues.

That’s it. Just follow these five steps, and you should be in a pretty good place should you need to go forward with anything. Accidents are scary, and it’s hard to keep your head, but if you just keep these steps in mind, you’ll be alright.

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